Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Corrected entry: In the Spanish audio, and I guess that in the English version also, the movie says that "after 400 years, the Alpha station has traveled more than 1,100 million kilometers." That's not even half way across the Solar System. It has not even reached the planet Saturn. Light years would have been a better unit of distance to use.

Correction: The Alpha Station is not located outside of our solar system, nor is it located in another solar system or galaxy that would require light years of travel. It only travelled to deep space, which is anything beyond the orbit of the moon, to protect interfering with Earth. However, even before leaving Earth's orbit, alien creatures have been visiting it peacefully. The Alpha Station is a hub near Earth that other aliens have traveled too. So nearly 700 million miles (1,100 million kilometers) is a correct distance.


Continuity mistake: When Valerian makes the thug fall through the floor in Big Market it leaves a hole behind, but when he is chased out a few moments later the hole is gone.

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Suggested correction: The hole is still there. It's just not visible in most of the shots because it's blocked by Valerian or the camera angle is too high. When it cuts to him running out of the doorway, it's again mostly blocked by characters. When it's not blocked, you can see the hole.


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Bubble: I know all of Shakespeare by heart.

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Trivia: The welcoming Captains were writers and directors who have worked with Luc Besson.

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Question: Why is the Alpha human population economy in shambles? The gargantuan Space Station Alpha resembles a fort in the outer fringes with brothels, military and Savages. Not a place of science, technology, cultural sharing.

Answer: During the movie it is told the humans have been in wars, its possible the economy is in shambles because of a recent war or the drag of a war from the past, perhaps even the war that destroyed planet Mul. Because of the failing economy there are more brothels, scavengers, crimes and it isn't the original space station that left Earth's orbit all those years ago.


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