Spider-Man: Homecoming

Other mistake: A poster in the school states that the Academic Decathlon takes place on October 14-15. But later on in the movie, another poster says it's on September 14.

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Suggested correction: Was in a similar thing in HS. Not too surprisingly, we had more than one event throughout the year. In fact, I've never heard of an extra-curricular with only 1 event. Likely 2 different meets.

They said later on, though, and that would go into the next school year, which is weird for most extracurriculars to have pre-planned events for the next school year.

Factual error: After Toomes and his crew lose the cleanup contract and they are back in their shop, on the table is a Coors "stubby" Banquet beer bottle. This bottle was released in 2013 and the scene takes place earlier than that.

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Peter Parker: So, to become an Avenger, are there like trials or an interview?
Tony Stark: You just don't do anything I would do... And definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do. There's a little gray area in there and that's where you operate.

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Trivia: When Spidey sits on a lamp post, behind him on a wall there is graffiti with the name "Bagley" on it - that's a reference to the Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley.


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Answer: Since Peter is her date, she doesn't want her Dad to go overboard with questioning him and potentially make Peter uncomfortable and their date awkward.

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