War Machine

War Machine (2017)


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President Karzai: Your predecessor, General Whelan! I liked him! I'm not entirely certain he liked me; he didn't visit very often. Why was he dismissed? It seems - uhh, one minute he was here - uh, next minute, not here.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah. Well, Mr. President, I think our government simply felt it was time our effort took a new direction.
President Karzai: And uh, what is this new direction?
Gen. Glen McMahon: Ah! It's most important to me that we build Afghanistan. Together, we build Afghanistan into a free and prosperous nation, free from fear and conflict.
President Karzai: I see.
Gen. Glen McMahon: Yeah.
President Karzai: I see. Sounds a lot like the old direction.

Sean Cullen: Men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices all they really wanna do is play with their dicks and eat chicken.

Sean Cullen: Anyway, in the absence of any real soul searching, what do we do? Well, obviously, we sack Glen and we bring in some other guy. And that other guy... was Bob.

Gen. Glen McMahon: General.
British Officer: We're all... very excited to see you here; it's an honor to meet you.
Gen. Glen McMahon: I'm excited to be here. Ain't that right, Greg?
Greg Pulver: Yes indeed, sir, you're very excited.

Factual error: Before and during the Marines' arrival in Marjah, some of them are wearing Dust Goggles. These would've been first issued in World War II and continued into the early 2000s. The Battle for Marjah took place in 2010, by which point these goggles had been replaced by superior models such as ESS for some time.


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