The Sound of Music

Trivia: The green dress Maria wears when she returns to the von Trapps is the exact same dress as the new postulant is wearing as she enters the Abbey. My guess is that the new postulant was Julie Andrews' understudy and was used in the scene instead of casting another actor or extra. (02:01:02)

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Suggested correction: As she said earlier in the film, when women join the convent, they donate all their worldly clothes to the poor. Maria likely did that when she returned from the von Trapp household. As the new girl was joining, she had to give up her worldly clothes. Since Maria was sent back to the von Trapps right after this, she likely grabbed this dress so she could get back there. As this is a film and not a play, Julie Andrews would not have an understudy, as they would have to reshoot the entire film anytime her face is visible.


Continuity mistake: When Maria and the children are singing do re mi they start of wearing the clothes made from drapes, but during the scene they change clothes and back again twice.

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Suggested correction: The Do-Re-Mi sequence takes the place over the course of several days, hence the change in costumes from the beginning of the scene where they are in the drapes, to other days when they are wearing different clothes, and finally at the end when they are back in the drapes. Remember, the Captain was gone for quite some time. It took awhile for him to drive to Vienna, visit with the Baroness, and then drive back to Salzburg with her and Max.

Continuity mistake: Christopher Plummer throws down the drape the kids used for clothing on the ground. Then he walks away and there's a clear shot of the ground and the drape has vanished.

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Maria: You know how Sister Berthe always makes me kiss the floor after we've had a disagreement? Well, lately I've taken to kissing the floor whenever I see her coming, just to save time.

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Question: Why were the Nazis so desperate to get Captain von Trapp into their navy? Austria hadn't had a navy since the end of the first world war, so his skills weren't exactly up to date.

Answer: True, but a decorated and highly respected command officer, particularly one with proven wartime experience, is still a major asset. While he might not be directly familiar with the current equipment, naval tactics wouldn't have altered to any great degree and his ability to lead and inspire those under his command would remain the same.

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