Cars 3

Trivia: The pizza planet truck from Toy Story makes a cameo in the Thomasville race, noticeable when it loses its rocket from on top.


Trivia: The Tappet Brothers, Ray and Thomas Magliozzi, famous for their NPR show "Car Talk", provided their voices for the film. They reprised their roles as the owners of Rust-eze. Thomas passed away in 2014. His lines were pieced together from the first film. Ray came out of retirement to voice the role. They even use their signature line from the show "don't drive like my brother."

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Trivia: When Cruise brings the mobile simulator to the beach, it makes the classic Apple startup sound that Mac computers make. Apple founder Steve Jobs funded Pixar in its early days and was a major reason for the company's success. The same sound can also be heard in Pixar's Wall-E.


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