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Corrected entry: In Cars, Lightning McQueen gets the nickname "Stickers" because he doesn't have real headlights, they are stickers. In Cars 3 when they are training in the forest scene, Smokey tells them all to turn off their headlights, and McQueen turns his off.

Correction: In Cars 2, there is a scene where he has real headlights installed.

Continuity mistake: Before the race in Thomasville Cruz has the 20 number only on her right side but later she has the number also on her left.


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Smokey Yunick: You will never be the racer you once were. Accept it.

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Trivia: When Cruise brings the mobile simulator to the beach, it makes the classic Apple startup sound that Mac computers make. Apple founder Steve Jobs funded Pixar in its early days and was a major reason for the company's success. The same sound can also be heard in Pixar's Wall-E.


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