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The Mummy (2017)

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Corrected entry: When Cruise and Wallis are in the underground tunnel beneath London they are walking along the tracks before a Tube train blasts through. The 3rd rail is missing, which carries the electricity for London Underground trains and would have electrocuted them both if it was there as it should be.

Correction: The third rail that carries the power can also be located at the side of the tracks before and after stations for safety reasons, this also applies in tunnels due to the lay out of the track (points etc).

Corrected entry: In ancient Egypt a princess could never be chosen as the new pharaoh. If there are no sons available another male from the family (ie. Brother, uncle) is chosen. So there is no reason for Ahmanet to be all hell bent on revenge for losing her position as the next pharaoh.

Correction: Given the fact that there have been women pharaohs in Egypt, there's nothing to suggest she couldn't have rightfully become pharaoh, or in the very least, think she is entitled to it and thus become outraged regardless of tradition.


Factual error: Set is not the god of death, he is the god of chaos, Anubis is the god of death.

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Chris Vail: What do we do now?
Nick Morton: Where's your sense of adventure?

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Question: Why did Ahmanet look scared when Nick stabbed himself with the dagger?

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