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-50/10. This is what Goldie Hawn came back for? Just to work with a foul mouthed comedian? This ranks as one of the worst comebacks since Hanoi Fonda's in Monster-In-Law. I'd describe the plot more but won't because it's so ridiculous and Siskel and Ebert would do a better job anyhow. Both Hawn and Schumer fail to be funny as one just looks old and tired while the other suffers from a foul mouth.


Continuity mistake: When Emily is in the US Embassy in Bogotá, the guy tells her he is the only one there. However, when he first started talking to her, there are two men in the background. (01:58:00)

Cynthia Gurski Premium member

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Linda Middleton: Why did I ever let you talk to me into this?
Emily Middleton: I should have just listened to you... I love you.
Linda Middleton: This is great, but we've really got to get out of here, you know.
Emily Middleton: Yeah, we need to get out of here, okay.

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Trivia: Writer Katie Dippold has a cameo as a shopper in the very first scene.

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