The Space Between Us

Factual error: In the scenes where Gardner is messaging his Earth based female friend Tulsa from his Mars home, their communication is shown as being in real time. In truth, there would be minimum of a 4 min lag between messages due to the distance. (00:24:00)

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Suggested correction: The tech is supposed to be highly advanced. This is at least kept consistent throughout the film as all communication between planets is in real time.


There is no tech that can alter the laws of physics that we know of. This is unlikely to change between now, and the near future setting of the film. Your "correction" is no correction at all.


"That we know of" - we also don't have the tech to travel to and live on Mars right now, do we? Use your imagination.


We do have the technology to travel to Mars, we've done it more than two dozen times so far, we even have man-made objects roving the planet's surface. Given enough resources, we can send a manned mission to Mars in the near future. Faster than light communications, and travel, is scientifically impossible. In the context of the film, this is a valid mistake. Nothing in the film suggest the invention of made up technology that defies known laws of physics. And to suggest that somehow in the near future we develop the ability to communicate faster than light before the ability to attempt to colonize Mars is too great of a stretch to be considered valid.


Revealing mistake: When they are at zero gravity they are floating, but the seat belts are not. (01:46:45)

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Gardner Elliot: What was she like? My mother.
Nathaniel Shepherd: She was fearless She was kind And she just... seemed so invincible. And she'd make me wanna give up living when she died.

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Question: Wouldn't Earth's gravity cause Gardner's feet and leg to ache, given that he is from Mars, a planet with much lower gravity, and has lived there his entire life?

Answer: Any answer would be speculation at best, although it does seem likely that being on Earth would cause various pains. But it also depends on his conditioning while on Mars (for example, soldiers in the military often train with heavy packs on). The reason astronauts experience pain upon return to Earth after long stints in space is mainly due to muscle atrophy, similar to someone being bed-ridden for months. Additionally, being weightless in space with 0-g's (not zero gravity), their spine elongates and then back on Earth, it compresses back to normal, which can be painful. Gardner may not experience pain since his muscles aren't atrophied, and he may not experience spinal compression.

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