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Continuity mistake: When Frankie is fighting Mitch and gets thrown off the balcony the diaper bin on his head comes off, but in the next shot when he lands in the pool it's back on his head.

Continuity mistake: Zac Efron has no shirt on while lifting and competing against Dwayne Johnson, then the people fall and jump off the pier - he hops on the motorcycle and in the next shot he suddenly has a green shirt on.

Lee W Morley
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Suggested correction: The green shirt was on the back of his motorcycle. Hard to spot, but it's there.

Other mistake: During the yacht fire, only 3 people are saved, 2 dark hair girls and a guy (Councilman Rodriguez), but when on land, 3 girls are being questioned. Where did the blonde come from?

Continuity mistake: When they enter the morgue Mitch doesn't have shoes on. When he runs out after the bad guys, he is wearing shoes. (01:11:11)

Continuity mistake: When Matt Baroda brings the green cooler into Ellerbee's office watch the cooler's lid. The lid of the cooler changes from the latch side to the hinge side facing him several times from when he first enters the office until he's walking down the hallway.


Continuity mistake: When Mitch and Matt are on the jetski headed out to the burning boat, Mitch tells Matt to take the throttle, and we see both of Mitch's hands remain on the steering, but in the next shot Mitch has the rescue can's shoulder strap hanging across his chest, which has suddenly appeared between shots. (00:38:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Zac Efron takes the sand grifter's green cooler into Ellerbee's office he hands the police officer a double chocolate smoothie, between shots the straw wrapper disappears without anybody taking it off. (01:26:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Matt Brody goes on the "American Ninja" course to prove his ability as a lifeguard, and holds on to wooden sticks in holes, the sticks are on the 1st and 2nd holes. When camera angle changes, they are in the 2nd and 3rd holes. (00:25:35)


Continuity mistake: When Mitch, Matt and Summer go to the morgue to check the body of Councilman Rodriguez, Summer stands near the door while Matt and Mitch check the body. You can see a reflection of Summer on a window showing her facing the door, then as the camera cuts between Matt and Mitch she is looking away, then she is missing her white coat, then she is shown taking it off and instantly has a green top under her blue scrubs. (01:08:00 - 01:09:00)


Mitch Buchannon: There's your cot, don't jack off on my sheets.

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Trivia: David Hasselhoff makes a cameo at the end of the movie drinking a beer with the Rock - he played Mitch in the 90's TV show.

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