The Circle

Revealing mistake: When Mae is on the phone with her parents, there is a camera feed shown of the parents, and in the bottom right hand corner, a camera feed of Mae. When Mae is holding the phone, her hand is visibly seen shaking and readjusts the phone at numerous points, the camera feed of her shown on the phone remains completely still throughout the call. (01:13:05)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Mae videos phones Annie, she rotates the phone to a landscape position, and has her hand along the top of the phone. Once the call has been made, she lowers the phone slightly, and moves her hand from the top of the phone, to along the side. The shot then cuts to the phone, and her hand is suddenly along the top of the phone again. (01:27:05)

Casual Person

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Eamon Bailey: Knowing is good, but knowing everything is better.

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