Sand Castle
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Sgt. Burton: There's a bullet out there for everyone. Their name's written real small on the side... and it's coming.

Cpt. Syverson: Taught that guy Texas Hold 'em. Do not play him. Turns out he's a Goddamn prodigy.

Falvy: I'm tellin' you guys, I'm gonna be on the cover of Men's Health, fuckin' two big-old-tittied chicks on each arm, waves splashin' on my chest and shit.

Pvt. Matt Ocre: A war story can't be true unless it's got some shame attached to it.

Pvt. Matt Ocre: I'd love to say, 'I'm here to fight for freedom.' But honestly, I don't belong here.

Factual error: M60A3 tanks and AH-1 were no longer in service at the time of the invasion in 2003, replaced by the M1 Abrams. The AH-64 humvees have crew protection that did not exist prior to 2005.

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