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Corrected entry: Roman is completely submerged in ice cold water and is trapped in his car when pulled out, he would be suffering from hypothermia by the end of the chase but is completely unaffected by it.

Correction: Roman was exposed to really cold water for only about a minute or so. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not sure that being exposed to low temperatures for only an insignificant amount of time would cause hypothermia immediately. Also, shortly after Roman is pulled out of the water, a pursuing army truck fires a missile that explodes in a ball of fire rather close to him, as well as at the end of the chase when the submarine explodes and the modified Dodge Ram that he is in drives into the fireball's path to protect Dominic Toretto. Wouldn't the heat discharged by these explosions suppress the effect of hypothermia on Roman?

Corrected entry: Timeline is wrong for the young lad to be Dom's son - he would be older.

Correction: Lana finds out she was pregnant just after Letty returns in Fast and Furious 6 as shows with the line "I found out just after you found out Letty was alive" We then have the events of Furious 7, which happened right after the events of 6. As shown with Owen Shaw in the hospital. We then know that the team retire after the events of 7 until Hobbs makes the call at the start of 8. There is no indication of how long has passed since the previous film. Meaning that baby Brian could easily be the age we see him at in this film.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film where the gang are trying to outrun the submarine, it should be noted that submarines cannot travel much faster than about 40mph when submerged, let alone above water/icebreaking. Yet it is shown at least keeping pace with the Fast and Furious heroes.

Paul Weston

Correction: It's also likely the cars wouldn't be going much faster over rough ice and snow. Look what happened when Roman first hit the ice in the Lamborghini because he was going too fast.


Corrected entry: A submarine's propeller is made for propelling it through water, not air. Activating the engine while the submarine is propped up on land will not cause it to move.


Correction: They got the submarine up there in the first place by a dry dock, Cipher would be sure to hack that as well. I don't know what the point of turning the engine on in the air was, maybe just to verify that it works, but very quickly the engine would overheat with no water coolant.

Corrected entry: Using an EMP to disable the security at the base would render anything electrical useless, computers, cars, cameras, anything with a micro chip in it. Firing a EMP directly under something you want to steal like a submarine is completely stupid - Cypher would know this.

Correction: Unless the thing you want to steal is in a Faraday Cage, one that would be impervious to an electromagnetic radiation getting through, like for instance... the steel hull of of a submarine, which is specifically designed to be watertight, but in the process, would also make the perfect foil for an EMP.


Corrected entry: When Dom is hooked up by the grappling hooks his car should be pulled apart, despite the modifications. But his driver's door only comes off when Dom shoulder barges, it indicating that Dom is somehow stronger than the grappling hook on Shaw's car.

Correction: First off, the grappling hook on the driver side door is attached to Hobbs' truck. Second, that line is already pulled taut, and probably already has a tremendous amount of force in it, given Hobbs' choice of vehicle. Dom hitting his door is just the final push it needs to snap at the hinges.


Corrected entry: There is no way that Dom could have organised the meeting with Shaw's mum or contact the guy from Cuba or his two friends from Brazil that were in Fast Five to shoot Shaw, or to organise Shaw and his brother to be kitted out with wing suits and board the plane. Nobody or Hobbs must have been in on it for it to work.

Correction: This entry corrects itself. It's clear that Dom has asked for help off somebody. However it is not shown who.

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Corrected entry: When the heroes are trying to shut down the submarine's missile launch, the keyboard in the control center is in English characters.

Correction: There are a lot of English speaking Russians. A lot.


Deliberate mistake: The coordinates listed for Hobbs' soccer game (34.1381N, 118.3534W) at the beginning are not actually a wooded suburban area with a recreational field, but are in fact the longitude and latitude for the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles. (00:15:20)


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Hobbs: I will beat you like a Cherokee drum.

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Question: If Cipher only showed Elena and the baby in the middle of the film, what did Cipher show him on the phone when they just met in Cuba? Also, how was Dom able to find the Shaw brothers' mother and set up a meeting with her?

Answer: She showed him Elena's picture to get him to cooperate. He knew Cipher had Elena, but not where, and he didn't know about the baby.


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