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Life takes the idea of Space being dangerous right into the International Space Station where 6 astronauts' joy at discovering a Martian life-form turns to terror as the slimy beast quickly hunts, grows and kills them one by one. Being set in zero gravity and having the creature evolving to better consume the crew give the film novelty, but the premise is still very familiar to anyone who's ever seen any "alien running amok killing people" movies. If you're looking for a grim and fast-paced science fiction horror feature film to curl up with awhile, you may enjoy having this one's tentacles ensnare you.

Erik M.

Factual error: The way the life form moves through the ship is silly. In weightless conditions, you can only move by pushing yourself off a wall or other stationary object. This creature seems to move throughout the ship by flailing its tentacles, which is nonsense.


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Rory Adams: Control, if you're listening, and you probably are 'cause you're creepy that way, can I just rant for a second about the micromanagement? We're not blood-filled meat puppets. I come from a long line of plumbers that can fix a shower, but I can't. Well, Hugh doesn't shower anyway - he's British. It's not being critical, you're just a very under-bathed nation; everybody knows it.

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