The Shack

The Shack (2017)


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Papa: When you focus on pain, you lose sight of me.

Papa: Pain robs you of joy, and the capacity to love.

Jesus: It's always better when we do it together.

Missy Phillips: Is the Great Spirit another name for Papa?
Mack Phillips: He is a spirit. And he is great. Right?
Missy Phillips: Then how come he's so mean?
Mack Phillips: Why'd you say that?
Missy Phillips: The Great Spirit made the princess jump off the cliff and made Jesus die on the cross. Don't you think that's mean?

Papa: Love always leaves a mark.

The Shack mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mackensie is having breakfast with Papa, right as he tells Papa she doesn't stop bad things from happening, there is a 2 second cutaway after which there are multiple changes. The geese in the background have disappeared, the shadow on the grass changed, a biscuit on the tray moved, and Papa's red coffee cup moved. (01:04:50)


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