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Get Out is a satirical horror story that covers themes of racism, enslavement/possession/literal identity theft, marginalization and missing persons, deceiving appearances and more as Chris, a young Black photographer discovers a terrible secret revolving around his Caucasian girlfriend Rose and her at first seemingly-nice family when he is convinced to meet them at their home for the first time in a suburban neighborhood. A desperate fight for survival ensues as the truth behind the facades fade and the sinister happenings attempt to ensnare Chris. Can he escape in time? You'll hope so! Great fun for a decidedly different take on the "body snatcher" theme.

Erik M.

Other mistake: When they hit the deer, the passenger side mirror and lower quarter panel was damaged, when the deer not only came from the other direction, but also seemed to be in the air when it got hit.

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Rod Williams: Man, I told you not to go in that house.

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Question: Strapped to a chair. How does he manage to put the cotton in his ears?

Answer: His wrists and ankles are strapped to the arms and legs of the chair. He can sill move his upper body. He pulls the cotton from the chair out by his fingers, leans forward, and stuffs it in his ears.

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