The Girl with All the Gifts

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The Girl with All the Gifts is a science fiction horror/thriller set in Britain about a fungoid infection that causes most of humanity to become mindless "hungries" though a second generation of the infected seem to become a hybrid version of the zombie-like beings, capable of rational thought. Melanie, a young girl the viewer meets inside a lab/school/prison, may be humanity's only hope for a vaccine...or the harbinger of its doom. She and a group of uninfected survivors escape a horde of the ravenous creatures that storm the facility and struggle to keep alive and ahead of the murderous pack while the fungus spreads and threatens the planet. Take 28 Days and mix with I Am Legend = this film. Fans of zombie horror, especially the more recent, agile and numerous type, might enjoy this, as well as anyone who pondered what might happen if children-even infants and pre-born-were to become monsters, along with everyone else. Not for everyone, and certainly not a feel-good film, but fairly good apocalyptic zombie-like horror story.

Erik M.

Plot hole: Based on Melanie's age and the state of decay of London, the world has been zombified for at least 10 years. Yet Melanie finds a small dog still alive inside an apartment which she uses to distract the hungries. The dog should have died many years prior.

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Melanie: We're alive?
Dr. Caroline Caldwell: Yes. You're alive.
Melanie: Then why should it be us who die for you?

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