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Ladislav Vanek: You kill Heydrich and Hitler will tear Prague apart.
Ladislav Vanek: I don't want to see Prague wiped off the map.

Jan Kubis: I have to believe there's a way through this! that there's a normal life waiting for us! the way things used to be.
Jan Kubis: Marie makes me feel that there is hope. I love her. I do love her.

Lenka Fafková: We've been fighting the occupation in our own ways.

Marie Kovárníková: You're going to murder Heydrich?
Josef Gabcík: Assassinate... murder implies he had a life worth living.

Lenka Fafková: Marie still thinks war is romantic... there's nothing romantic about it.

Factual error: The jacket blurb and plot synopsis for "Anthropoid" are historically and factually incorrect in stating that Heydrich was "third in command" of Nazi Germany. He was not; there was a chain of Nazi hierarchy above him and any historian of Nazi Germany will verify that. Unfortunately, Rotten Tomatoes perpetuates this inaccuracy by using the same jacket blurb in its own plot summary of the movie.

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