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Katherine Russell: For a Muslim woman, marriage is a lilting dance of duality, strength and submission. Beautiful, selfless, rapturous love of two masters, the carnal and the divine. The life a Muslim woman lives is a dangerous and difficult one. If she does not submit to her husband, there is a spot reserved for her in Hell. Yes. My husband kissed me before he left, and he will kiss me again when I see him in Heaven. And you can't prove anything.

Special Agent Richard DesLauriers: Well, for this I need the cooperation of all. When this is over, I'm going to find the person who gave them the photos. And I will destroy him. I'm not dear to Fox News leading this investigation.

Commissioner Ed Davis: How do you feel?
Tommy Saunders: The knee hurts, the back hurts, the balls hurts, the pain feels like sometimes on the top of the hurt if that's remotely possible.

Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese: I seriously have to quit smoking.

Special Agent Richard DesLauriers: It is terrorism, we will take it.

Whiskey Steakhouse Analyst: He's got more porn than Osama bin Laden.

Dun Meng: Go catch those motherfuckers.

Police Officer: They got fucking bombs, Sarge. They're shooting at us.
Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese: Yeah, no shit.

Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese: 77-16 to Control: need an ambulance on Laurel Avenue. Suspect in custody, shot and run over. I repeat: shot and run over. I gotta fucking quit smoking.

Tommy Saunders: You know, takes a lotta balls to escape like you did. You're a very brave guy, you hear me?

Continuity mistake: When Mark Wahlberg approaches the boat, an officer following behind him pulls out his pistol from his holster. But in the next shot, the officer holsters a radio which has suddenly appeared in his hand, and pulls out his pistol again. (01:52:40)

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Question: How did they work out Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were the bombers?

Answer: The Tsarnaev brothers were telegraphing their complicity in the bombings by their crimes as they were trying to escape Boston police, such as shooting the campus cop, carjackings, and throwing pipe bombs at the cops during curfew and a dragnet/door-to-door search in the area. Shootouts and throwing bombs at law enforcement officers after a deadly bombing would attract the attention of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.


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