Sliver (1993)

5 mistakes

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Revealing mistake: After Naomi is thrown from her balcony in the beginning, the blood on her face has beaded down her face and is staining her blouse. This is impossible being that the injuries she received happened less than a second before and she landed face down after going through the glass, so the blood couldn't have ran down her face in that direction.


Revealing mistake: When Gus and Carly are at the grocery store, Gus doesn't pay for his item.

Revealing mistake: At the very beginning when Naomi is thrown from her balcony, you can see the wires in multiple shots during her descent.


Audio problem: Polly Walker's digital answering machine makes sounds of a tape transport machine as it intercepts a message.

Continuity mistake: After Carly shoots the computer monitors for the first time, he shouts out Zeke shouts "No." His hair gets all messed up after he shouts out, but in the next shot his hair is perfect.

Carly Norris: You've been spending too much time with your vibrator.
Judy Marks: I certainly have - I've been getting a plastic yeast infection.

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