xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Stupidity: At the very beginning of Donnie Yen's fight inside the CIA conference room, security barriers start descending in the room, windows first and then doors, but somehow the exitway for him (which even communicates with the main elevator. Not a secure bunker or anything) starts shutting down a minute later so he can baseball slide past it before it closes. That's pretty nonsensical security protocol. In fact, the whole operation is successful because apparently the CIA Headquarters lack any cameras and sensors in the corridors, security at the lower floors, main doors, perimeter, especially during the top brass meetings (that happen in a room with huge windows with reinforced glass a man can break jumping at it). (00:09:20)

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Stupidity: Xander tells Jane Marke that Xiang "is not the bad guy" and should be let free. The movie narrative of course backs it up. Slight problem; in the movie opening, Xiang retrieved the Pandora's Box shooting DEAD several perfectly innocent security agents. There's no mistake about it, we see his bullet blowing the head of one of them off. So much for the good guy that should walk away free, and Marke does not object this simple fact, but just says they need a scapegoat.

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Stupidity: It was completely pointless and counterproductive for Marke to involve Cage at all in the Detroit operation, since the rogue guy was just a sweaty executive with no backing, no resources and a single bodyguard with a handgun, trapped in a condemned building. Her team of boy scouts would have done the job perfectly fine, or the local SWAT team would have been in the right spot much quicker. Anyone working in a team and with better body armor than Vin Diesel's tank top, really.

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Factual error: When Xander Cage is chasing Xiang on the dirt bikes, he lets his bike get entirely submerged, which would flood the engine.

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Augustus Gibbons: Let me simplify it for you. Kick some ass, get the girl, and try to look dope while you do it.
Xander Cage: I could definitely make that work.

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Trivia: This film marks the second occasion where Vin Diesel starred in an action film, opted out of the first sequel, and then returned in the third film. The first was the "Fast and the Furious" franchise - Diesel starred in the original, didn't appear in the second film, and then returned to the series with a surprise cameo in the third film and appearing in every subsequent sequel thereafter. Diesel has stated that should a fourth "xXx" be made, he will be back.

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