xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Factual error: When Xander Cage is chasing Xiang on the dirt bikes, he lets his bike get entirely submerged, which would flood the engine.


Factual error: Xander Cage just performed his patriotic duty all night long with half a dozen of Aisley's girls. What follows is a shot of London with Big Ben showing 5:35, but it must be 5:35 PM, because even in August at that time in the morning the sun has not even dawned yet. The scene is meant to happen in the morning. (00:25:00)

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Factual error: Deepika Padukone cuts through steel using a thermal lance - you can see in a shot with Yen and Bisping sparks flying through the door. She then opens the same metal door placing her unprotected hand on it and keeping it in place for a second. The whole door must be pretty darn hot, surely enough to discourage anyone to give it a barehanded casual push. (00:10:40)

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Factual error: When Xiang shoots at the agents in the conference room sliding along the table, he surfs through it without buttscooting or moving his legs or anything; he gave himself a light push with the foot at the beginning, but he couldn't glide like that for such a prolonged time and length even if the room were built not level, and he soaped up his fancy leather jacket before the fight. (00:09:45)

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Factual error: The doomsday device used by the bad guys to hack the various satellites apparently gives them also magic boosts, since normal satellites do here things they can't, such as autonomously move around changing orbit and jetting towards Earth, in seconds even. Not just that; they burn during atmospheric entry staying overall intact, including the 'wings' with the solar panels, which would be the first elements to disintegrate. (00:03:00)

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Factual error: Xander Cage is not an X-Man nor a cyborg, but to mooch a football game he throws himself off a comm tower landing after a good 60 feet fall into a slope he then proceeds to ski on without the slightest scratch or problem. There are anedoctal evidence of people surviving even 10 thousand feet falls, but no matter how big of a risktaker Xander Cage is, his 'plan' is all sorts of insane and with a 99% chance of getting life-threatening injuries. (00:12:40)

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Factual error: When Xander Cage freeboots the football game, people in the bars of the neighbourhood cheer. One of those bars though is a bit odd, considering that the posters to the right of the frame bear words ("Pinctada" and "Eskrima") that don't seem to fit the Dominican Republic setting, but rather the Philippines, which is where Cage will go much later in the movie. (00:15:30)

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Factual error: In his initial 'mission', Xander Cage decides to give everyone free pay TV so the supposedly poor crowd that is chilling in the local bars can watch an important football game live. By the footage shown, the football game in question is the 2016 Summer Olympics final between Brazil and Germany. The game took place at 5:30 local (Rio) time, which would be 4:30 for Cage in Dominican Republic, surely not sunset. It also should be noted, albeit somewhat in jest, that Brazil in that match should be playing with black armbands, since their captain Neymar tragically died with Samuel Jackson right at the beginning of the movie, which is mere hours before! In fact, Neymar should have been in Brazil with his team, not with the poor man's Nick Fury. (00:15:20)

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Factual error: Xander Cage at the beginning of the movie climbs the communication tower; panoramic shots show that it's broad daylight. Ten minutes pass, as the countdown of his device shows, and he is running on the marina during a golden sunset. (00:12:00 - 00:15:20)

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Continuity mistake: Just before Ruby Rose spins down from her sniper shot, it's still night time. As she comes down it's suddenly much brighter, and very seconds later as the chase continues, it's broad daylight.

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Darius Stone: X looks out for his own.

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Trivia: In the final scene, Augustus Gibbons' glasses have one lens darkened - a nod to actor Samuel L. Jackson's role as the one-eyed Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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