Passengers (2016)

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Jim and Aurora discover the reason for the ship's malfunctions is that something slipped past the shields and struck the ship, damaging the main computer. Jim repairs the computer but it cannot vent plasma from the main drive due to a stuck external door. Jim goes outside and is forced to hold the door open while Aurora vents the plasma. Jim is knocked back and his tether snaps, forcing Aurora to go out into space and retrieve him. He is clinically dead but she revives him with the AutoDoc. In an epilogue, the rest of the crew awakens 88 years later to find that the inside of the ship is rife with plant and animal life, and Aurora has left them her completed book.

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the bar where Aurora discovers she was woken up, when she walks out and says to Jim "stay away from me" - she points at him initially then spreads open her fingers, but when scene cuts back to Jim a second later you see a single finger pointing.

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Jim Preston: How do I send a message to Earth.
InfoMat: Interstellar messages are sent by laser array. This is an expensive service.
Jim Preston: Bite me!
InfoMat: Happy to help.

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Trivia: The voice of the Auto-Doc is the writer of the film, Jon Spaihts.

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Question: Why did Arthur tell Aurora that Jim woke her up even though he promised to keep it a secret?

Answer: Being that Arthur is an android, he takes everything that is said literally and without analyzing it. Once Jim and Aurora began their romantic relationship, Aurora casually mentioned to Arthur that she and Jim have "no secrets" from one another, which Jim, without realizing the context or the consequences, confirmed. Arthur then interpreted it to mean that Aurora knew Jim had intentionally awakened her from the sleeping pod.


Answer: Because the ship had been malfunctioning due to collision with the asteroid it had effected Arthur as he is part of the vessel. This shows something is wrong with the ship as previously indicated, Arthur's sudden change of behaviour being integral to what is going on.

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