La La Land

Question: I have searched everywhere and cannot find the name of the male soloist in the opening scene who wears a white shirt and opens the back of the truck. What is it, please?

Question: After the party, the visitors line up to get their own car keys. An employee was checking the keys to return them. And Mia in the line, desperately asks Sebastian to grab her keys instead. Why couldn't she just go get her keys herself if Sebastian can right away? And why would they keep all the keys in there in the first place? That looked weird to me. Is it common in the United States? (00:30:30 - 00:31:13)

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Question: I may have missed this, but early in the film, how did Mia and Sebastian get into the empty planetarium? It must have been locked up pretty tight. Did someone let them in? Did they break in? I'm guessing this was explained and I didn't catch it.

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Chosen answer: The answer is, "It's a movie." They wouldn't have been able to drive up to the entrance either. The entire sequence is fantasy-driven.

Question: Mia's car is towed because of a parking restriction between 9:00pm and 6:00am. Is there anywhere in LA that has such a restriction?

Answer: Across various places in LA there are parking restrictions that match this criteria. A quick Google search will find a list of places.

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Question: At the pool, a band takes song requests from a crowd. Mia requests a song titled "I Ran." It seems like Sebastian got offended by that. He even complains about it to Mia after the performance. I don't know about the song. What's wrong with that song? I'm curious.

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Answer: He was mainly deflecting. When they first met, Sebastian ran away from Mia. So when she requested "I Ran", she was teasing him. He was already playing in an 80's cover band, knew the song, and was playing a keytar, which is a very 80's synth pop instrument. The band A Flock of Seagulls (who sang "I Ran") were an 80's synth pop band. She was saying how rude he was when they first met and he was trying to come up with something to say she was being rude about.


Answer: Sebastian views himself as a "serious musician" whose real passion in life is playing jazz, and thinks that that form of music is dying out. He doesn't take joy in playing mainstream, well known 80s pop songs; they're not his preferred style and probably doesn't consider them to be "real music" (Kind of like how Martin Scorsese said Marvel movies weren't "real cinema").

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Question: When Sebastian and Mia were about to kiss in the theater, the lights suddenly turned on and the movie stopped. Why? (00:54:10 - 00:54:33)

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Answer: The projector broke. The lights came on so that the staff could come in and tell everyone what happened.

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Other mistake: During the opening traffic jam dance scene, many of the cars have dented roofs and hoods from previous takes.

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Mia: People love what other people are passionate about.

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Trivia: At the Oscar ceremony in 2017, the film was accidentally named Best Picture, instead of true winner Moonlight, when presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were accidentally handed the wrong envelope. Such a gaffe had never occurred in the Oscars' history before.

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