Other mistake: In the beginning, when Maui is about to steal the heart of TeFeti, his back tattoos. On his right side, you get a glimpse of the tattoo of TeKa hitting him and him loosing his hook. He shouldn't have that tattoo since it hasn't happened yet.

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Suggested correction: He has the tattoo in that shot to represent when he first stole the stone and fought Te Ka for the first time.

Te Ka only exists because he steals the stone as it's the island with no heart.

Continuity mistake: Tefiti gives Moana a new boat decorated with flowers, but when Moana arrives home after completing the journey, there are no flowers on her boat, it just looks like her old boat.

Aoi Yoshikawa

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Suggested correction: The journey is a long one as shown by Maui loading the boat with food. Easy to loose the flowers over the course of several days.

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Stupidity: At the end of "You're Welcome", Maui puts Moana in a cave and placed a large rock blocking the only known exit. This means, as far as Maui knows, he's trapped a human in a cave with no food, water or exit as he didn't know Moana could make a very lucky escape. Basically Maui was going to leave Moana to starve to death so he could take her boat.


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Suggested correction: This isn't a mistake. Maui doesn't care about anything other than escaping at this point. He even says, Without his hook he is nothing. He's not interested in returning the heart at first so even though he is a demigod, he has lost interest in being good. Another example is when he leaves Moana to face TeKa on her own.

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Character mistake: When Maui and Moana set sail after defeating the Kakamora, Maui says they must head east. He turns the boat 90° as he says this. Throughout the next scene the setting sun is to the left of them (providing a beautiful backdrop to their fight), meaning that the boat must be heading north, not east.

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Moana: Okay, first, I am not a princess. I'm the daughter of the chief.
Maui: Same difference.
Moana: No.
Maui: If you wear a dress, and have an animal sidekick, you're a princess.

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Question: Does Maui need to eat and drink to survive? If so, how did he survive for so long on a desert island; especially when there's no signs he had any tools for fishing or a way of creating fresh water? If not, why did he seek out food when Moana showed up? Also, it's heavily implied that Maui urinates, which probably means that he drank something, but why would he if he doesn't need food or water?


Chosen answer: There's a sign he had tools for sculpting a statue of himself from solid stone, though we never see the sculpting tools. Given the fact that he wants food and isn't dead, it's safe to assume he also had some tools available for fishing.

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