Sleeping with the Enemy

Question: Was the doctor (the owner of the sailboat in the beginning) in on Laura's planned disappearance? Or was the bad weather just a coincidence and gave her the chance to escape? Just though it was weird because her husband commented that she only gets on a boat like once a year, so I don't know how she could have planned her escape so perfectly.


Chosen answer: No, the doctor was not in on her plan. She had her escape planned for a long time, but was waiting for the right time. The stormy weather on the boat provided the "perfect" time for her to put her plan into action.


Question: Does anyone know where the scene in the theater was filmed, where Julia Roberts is on the stage with the swing and the snow, and then backstage playing in the costumes?

Answer: Filmed at the Abbeville Opera House in Abbeville SC. From imdb Trivia: Star 'Julia Roberts' caused a controversy after she left Abbeville, South Carolina, where the film shot some location work. She said the place was "a living hell" and a "horribly racist" town and she would never return there again.


Question: I don't live in the US; is it normal for a gym to contact next of kin and offer condolences when someone is believed to have died? Or is it for plot convenience? Where I come from, any cancellations of memberships, etc, would all be done in writing.

Answer: The woman did not work for the YMCA. She and Laura took swimming lessons together there and were friendly. The woman therefore felt obliged to offer her condolences. It was also, as you say, a plot convenience. There had to be some way to tip off Martin that Laura might still be alive.


Question: Why after receiving a phone call from Laura's friend at the YMCA does her husband go looking through all her stuff on the bed? Then he finds the ring in the toilet. It just makes no sense why he's tearing through her stuff.

Answer: As that was the last place Laura was before disappearing, he is just looking for anything that could provide a clue that she might actually be alive. He was not sure until he found the wedding ring in the toilet.


Question: Why would Martin risk putting Laura in danger by sailing for the first time (which backfires on him anyway), especially at night, when he knows full well (believes) that she can't swim? He could have had her practice a few times to make sure she was comfortable and ready, then it would be easier to convince her to come along.


Answer: Considering Martin's controlling, sadistic nature, his driving motive most likely was to further torment Laura by forcing her into something he knows she fears. Though he was not intending to deliberately put her in danger by the unexpected storm, he had no concern about her emotional comfort and security. Also, I don't believe it was the first time Laura went sailing. As I recall, Martin said he tried to get her out on the water at least once a year.


Answer: No, he did not kill her. It appeared he was about to, but someone came into the room and he left.


Question: When she discovers the cans are all in order, why doesn't she run out the back door which is right there? Why does she run to the front door?

Answer: There's no way to know what she was thinking or why she chose to do that. She was panicked and reacted on impulse rather than logic. One thought, going to the front door is the most direct route to the main street where she could get to a neighbor or find other people more quickly. Backyards are more secluded and dangerous.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, when Julia discovers the cans are all in order, she runs for the front door and sees the stereo set up there. Then, the husband comes from behind. In the following scenes, where she goes to the door to talk to Ben, the stereo is gone.

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Laura: That was the night that I died, and someone else was saved. Someone who was afraid of water, but learned to swim. Someone who knew there would be one moment, where he wouldn't be watching. Someone who knew that the darkness of the broken lights would show the way.

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Trivia: When Laura's husband hits her at the beginning and she falls on the floor, it's really Julia Roberts falling. It's her head actually banging on the floor. Fortunately, the filmming crew got it on the first take.


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