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King Peppy: No Troll left behind.

Branch: You don't get sarcasm, do you?
Cooper: I think I had a sarcasm once.

Branch: My name is Branch and I am a troll. Why do I live in a heavily fortified survival bunker? Because right outside my door lurks a nightmare named Poppy. Poppy is the leader of the trolls, and it's not her fault she's so insanely happy. She's just never faced a real problem until now.

King Gristle: And what might your name be?
Bridget: Uhh...
Biggie: Lady!
Guy Diamond: Glitter!
Smidge: Sparkles!
Branch: Seriously?
Bridget: Lady Glitter Sparkles Seriously.

Branch: I don't trust him. Who wears socks with no shoes?

Continuity mistake: During the "can't stop the feeling" song, the twin trolls both turn around to the right. Since their hair is joined at the top, it should have twisted, but in the next shot there is no twist.

David Atkinson

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Answer: Under the bed.

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