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Sienna: You lied to me when you asked for my help.
Langdon: Well, technically, I withheld.

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Harry Sims: Young people are disappointing. I find they become tolerable around 35.

Robert Langdon: The greatest sins in human history have been committed in the name of love. No one will look on this act and call it love.
Sienna Brooks: They'll be alive. What does it matter what they say about us?

Bertrand Zobrist: There have been five... major... extinctions... in the Earth's history... and unless we take bold, immediate action... the sixth extinction... will be our own.

Robert Langdon: You afraid of heights?
Sienna Brooks: A little.
Robert Langdon: I'm uncomfortable in tight spaces. So don't look down. Or do. I can never remember which.

Sienna Brooks: It's what nature demands. The problem won't just be slowed down, it will be solved. Permanently.

Sienna Brooks: You called him a murderer. A psychopath.
Robert Langdon: What?
Sienna Brooks: But history will call us saviors.
Robert Langdon: Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Sienna Brooks: I'm not afraid to act, Robert. But doing nothing terrifies me.
Robert Langdon: The path and-and the pointer, he left that all for you. Zobrist. You knew him?
Sienna Brooks: Knew him? I loved him. You're wearing his suit.

Sienna Brooks: Why didn't you tell me about Ignazio?
Robert Langdon: Would you have helped me if you knew I was a thief?

Robert Langdon: This is not your problem. You don't have to stay.
Sienna Brooks: Of course I do. Human lives are at stake. I just want to know that I'm on the right side.
Robert Langdon: You are. I swear.

Professor (Istanbul): For what did Zobrist die?
Sienna Brooks: That others may live. I've come very far to make sure nothing interferes. The delivery system we designed will discharge the viral agent by midnight tonight. But there are others who are on their way to stop it. I need to find it before they do and trigger an explosion to ensure its release.
Professor (Istanbul): How do we help?

Bertrand Zobrist: Everything before you is just... an idea. Now it's real. "Love awakens the soul to act."
Sienna Brooks: That's not fair. Quoting Dante to me. But it's "beauty" not "love."

Robert Langdon: Zobrist is dead, but if his plague is real, then this map, it's a trail he has left so someone can find it.
Sienna Brooks: Who?
Robert Langdon: Well, someone who believes the same as he does.
Sienna Brooks: And that's why you have it?
Robert Langdon: Well, I don't remember ever meeting Zobrist.

Factual error: When Langdon finds the bio tube in his jacket and opens it, it finds a "bone" cylinder in it, which Dr Brooks immediately identifies as human. There is no way to tell if a crafted and modified bone is human or animal by simply looking at it.

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