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Factual error: The NTSB was portrayed horribly in this movie. They investigate purely on facts, not going on witch hunts like this movie implies. In the movie they tried to "second guess" and "blame the pilot." This never happens in real life.

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Suggested correction: The NTSB is, like any other organisation, is run by people with their own biases and imperfections.

This goes way beyond biases and imperfections. Sullenberger himself was disturbed by the way the NTSB investigators were depicted. Having reviewed an early draft of the script, he asked that their names be removed from the characters. According to Hanks, Sullenberger felt that the NTSB investigators were not prosecutors, and it was not fair to associate them with changes in the story to depict "more of a prosecutorial process." The film's version of the investigation is wildly inaccurate.

Peter Harrison

Factual error: ATC: LaGuardia Airport is said to be on the left. Teterboro Airport is said to be off to the right. The piloted simulations have the aircraft turning left to both airports.

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Suggested correction: La Guardia on the left is before the turning of the A320, Teterboro is on the right only after the plane is already above the Hudson river.

Factual error: During the evacuation scenes there are several scenes where there are leaves on the trees. This happened in January.


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Sully: It's not a crash, it was a forced water landing.
Charles Porter: Simulation showed that you could make it back to the airport.
Sully: Impossible. I felt it go.

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Trivia: Captain Vincent Peter Lombardi, skipper of the New York Riverways ferry Thomas Jefferson, plays himself in the film. (00:49:24 - 01:34:40)


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