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Corrected entry: United Airlines aircraft can be seen in the 2010 livery at KLGA in 2009. Also, United Airlines did not have any 737s in 2009.


Correction: United has had 737s since the 1990s.

Corrected entry: Before takeoff, Sully receives this instruction from ATC, "Cactus 1549, runway 4, cleared for takeoff." However, he only repeats back, "Cactus 1549, cleared for takeoff" and does not confirm the runway/his location. Flight crew and ATC always repeat instructions to make sure they're on the same page, just as he did seconds before when he and his copilot confirmed the amount of fuel required and actual fuel onboard.

Correction: If you have ever actually listened to the real audio recording you will hear that this is in fact the exact readback of captain Sully. Typically ATC does not require for pilots to do a full readback. Cleared for takeoff is sufficient.

Corrected entry: The plane's engines start during push-back. In real life, that is not done for safety reasons. The engines should be started after push-back.

Correction: Engine start during push-back is absolutely normal procedure.

Corrected entry: The movie shows American Airline's new livery that was revealed in 2013, four years after the miracle on the Hudson happened.

Correction: AA's New livery is only shown in the trailer. It was removed in the actual movie.

Continuity mistake: While Katie Couric is interviewing Sully, the first shot shows her with a portfolio in her hand and she is not wearing a ring on her left hand. The camera goes to Sully, then back to Katie and suddenly there is a ring on her left hand.

Harry Rattay

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Charles Porter: Mr. Skiles, is there anything you would have done differently?
Jeff Skiles: Yes. I'd do it in July.

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Trivia: During the several scenes where the pilots are communicating with Air Traffic Control, they are always addressed as flight 1549. During the real incident, however, both the pilots and controllers misspoke, labeling the flight number as both 1529 and 1539. This was likely due to the intensely stressful situation.

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