Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon (2016)

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Mike and Mr. Jimmy make their way to the bridge and try to cut the drill pipe. However with the pipe buckled the pipe can't be cut. Upon realizing this, Jimmy gives the final order to abandon ship as nothing else can be done. The last lifeboat leaves with Mike and Felicia still on the Deep water Horizon.

With no option but to climb up to the helipad and jump out over the fire into the water, Mike and Felicia make the last ditch attempt to save their lives. Once picked up, they are taken aboard the rescue boat where roll-call is taking place. Mr. Jimmy realizes that no-one from the drill shack made it out alive. (The real Mr Jimmy Harrell can be seen at this point, check out the trivia section for more details on how to spot him).

Afterwards we see the crew arriving back at the hotel and being reunited with their families. After this there is a few clips from the investigation on the events of the Deep water including clips of the real members of the crew. Following this there is a memorial montage for the 11 people who lost their lives.


Continuity mistake: When Felicia Williams goes to see Mike at the hotel after the accident, her nails change. During the accident, they are a pink color, but after and in the hotel, they are unpainted. It's unlikely she would have her nails done during and after the accident.


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Kuchta: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! The Deepwater Horizon has exploded and is on fire. I say again, The Deepwater Horizon is on fire. (00:59:40)

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Trivia: During the real Deepwater Horizon oil spill, actor Kevin Costner offered his services, claiming that a small company he bought from the U.S. Department of Energy could clean up 90% of the oil in a week, using poorly-tested technology. His offer was accepted, despite zero evidence that the technology ever worked; and it failed miserably, of course.

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Question: I have two questions. First, Did the disaster start as shown in the movie? Second, did the explosion look like what we saw in the movie?

Answer: The disaster started as a gas blow-out followed by a massive explosion on the oil rig, visible from 40 miles away. Eleven people were killed. Two days later, the burning rig collapsed into the sea, which severed the wellhead at a depth of over 4000 feet. If anything, the movie underplayed the disaster.

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Actually, according to history vs Hollywood the real life explosion was equally as bad as what's shown in the movie.

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