The Magnificent Seven

Factual error: The character Red Harvest is a Comanche. He is sporting a Mohawk haircut. This hair style was not in use by the Comanche tribe, but used by the Iroquois and Mohawks.


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Suggested correction: The Mohawk hairstyle was used amongst many different plains tribes as well as eastern tribes.

Factual error: As the 7 are coming into the camp, it shows an American Flag flying all 50 stars. In 1879 there were only 38 stars on the flag.


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Suggested correction: It's a 37-star flag, the top and bottom row have 8 stars and the middle 3 rows have 7 stars. While Colorado was admitted into the Union in 1877 as the 38th state, it's not unreasonable to think they just didn't get an updated flag. However, it's also possible whoever was in charge of getting/making the flag got it mixed up since the 38-star flag has 7 stars on the top and bottom row and 8 stars in the middle 3 rows.


Suggested correction: Recheck the flag stars. They appear to aligned and not offset, as in the modern flag.

I saw this also and think it might have been a 48 star flag.

Factual error: In one of the opening scenes of the riders heading toward the town you can see contrails of aircraft on the lower left horizon.

Continuity mistake: When the church bell is rehung and struck, it goes from shoulder height to well above head height, then back to shoulder height in subsequent shots. (01:28:15)

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Sam Chisolm: What we lost in the fire, we found in the ashes.

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Trivia: The way that Billy Rocks kills the guy using his knife hairpin is very similar to what James Coburn did in the 60's version.

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