Bridget Jones's Baby

Continuity mistake: In Bridget Jones' Diary, Mark says that he was 8 and Bridget was 4 when they would play in the pool together. but in Bridget Jones' Baby Mark sets up the compatibility profile and his age is 50 and Bridget's is 43.

Continuity mistake: After the baby is born and Bridget is holding him in her arms, the baby is shown bare headed. After Pamela arrives, the baby is suddenly wearing a hat on his head.


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Suggested correction: There could be quite a time lapse before Pamela enters. It is not necessarily the very next second.

Other mistake: When Jack confesses to Bridget that he lied to Mark, there is a landline telephone on the table beside her. When Bridget goes into labour and Mark throws away his mobile, they wonder how they will phone for a taxi, ignoring the landline.

Continuity mistake: When Bridget is dancing at the beginning with wine glass in hand, on the way to the bed she's seen carrying a wine bottle, then it's back to the wine glass.

Continuity mistake: During the contractions at the hospital, right before Bridget grabs Mark's hand, the tissue in Jack's nose becomes shorter, only to grow in the next shot.

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Continuity mistake: Bridget falls in the mud with her arms under her chest, but in the following shot they're extended. Her suitcase and bag keep changing positions between shots too.

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Continuity mistake: When Bridget is at the festival right before she falls on the mud, while she walks to pick a flyer a strand of hair falls around her neck, which disappears in the next angle.

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Continuity mistake: When Bridget and Miranda arrive at the festival, Miranda dances close to foam floating on air. When the shot changes the foam has increased dramatically.

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Audio problem: After Bridget leaves the ATM and finds Mark on the street, what she tells him is not in sync with her lips.

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Continuity mistake: When Bridget is in labor she bites Mark. Cut to a close-up of his head sunk in pain, then back to the wide angle and his head is still raised.

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Plot hole: When Bridget phones Mr. Darcy, she is told that he has left and is in a taxi on his way home, so Bridget decides to walk to his house where she sees him get out of the taxi and meet his ex-wife at the door, and Bridget thinks they are back together. The problem with this is that she is heavily pregnant and she walks a fair bit across London - hard enough to do at the best of times - and that Mr. Darcy was already in the taxi going home, but she managed to arrive at the same time at his house.

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Suggested correction: Mr. Darcy may not have gone straight home. He made have needed the taxi to take him to do an errand, he just doesn't mention this when leaving. Plus, there could have been heavier traffic that we don't see which he could have been stuck in.


Ever gone through traffic in London? During the day it's a nightmare. But in BJ Diary, Mark's mum tells Mark Bridget lives not so far from him, if I'm not mistaken.

Mark: Well, I can always find time to save the world. And Bridget, you're my world.

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