Factual error: The email Vee gets at the start is dated 2017, and calls for her to become part of the class of 2020. If she went to CalArts in September of 2017, she would be part of the class of 2021. (00:01:05)

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Tommy: You only use ten per cent of the internet.

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Trivia: In the ladder dare, Emily Meade falls partially through the ladder. This idea was kept secret from the rest of the cast and extras so that when she fell, the reactions recorded were genuine. (00:55:30)

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Question: My understanding is that Vee orchestrated the plan for Ty to bring a blank filled gun, but how was the dare revealed to her before being told to shoot her opponent, let alone before given the gun?

Answer: Once she saw the gun and knew how crazy the game was, she formed an idea that someone's would get shot and believed that it would be her.

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