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3.5/10. Oh what a mess this movie is. I can't fathom why anyone would have Patty Jenkins, who lied about Aileen Wuronos in Monster, direct. This movie is anti American and anti male in its 2 hour mess. The plot should've been tightened like slicing the fat off a piece of ham. I give credit to Jenkins for casting many gorgeous women to play the Amazons, she knows the target audience is teenage and 20 something year old guys. Gal Gadot is playing the character without any real sense of who the character is, just reading lines dully as if she's only doing it for the money. Connie Nielson is barely older looking than her and shouldn't be here, she's lifeless as Hippolyta. Robin Wright is a joke, constantly stealing scenes as if to be the best part of the movie. Chris Pine acts like a wuss whereas Elene Anaya as Doctor Poison as least puts in the best effort and is the movie's best actor. This serves to show why superhero movies should be directed by guys. They're the majority of comic book fans who understand the source material. The sequel I doubt will be much better, having cast the unfunny Kristen Wiig to play Cheetah. I say shame on Jenkins and the studio who should've known better, the world doesn't need more of a divide between the sexes which this movie seems to encourage. Yet I recommend watching it since it's one of those so bad it's good to watch and laugh movies. We all need to laugh more.


Continuity mistake: At the end after the massive explosion on the runway, two German soldiers get up unscathed and remove their gas masks. They suddenly appeared, as no one else was there, only Diana, and they are only a few feet away from the crater.

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Question: Why not tell her the truth? She wouldn't have been worse off. If he'd wanted to find them he could've done so sooner.


Answer: Can you be more specific with this question?

Phaneron Premium member

Her mother doesn't tell her she's Zeus' child. I never understood her claim of Ares finding her sooner if she was told. If he wanted to find Diana how would her learning her true background helped Ares out?


Answer: If she knew she was the god killer she would have gone after Ares herself sooner. She also would have discovered her true powers sooner, luring Ares to her.


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