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Trivia: As he is invading Yorktown, Krall sees his Starship and uses the exact same words as Kahn in 'Wrath of Kahn': "My old friend."

Matt Wills

Trivia: USS Yorktown was the name of the central starship in the original pilot submitted to NBC in 1964 by Gene Roddenberry. Yorktown is the name of the space station in Star Trek Beyond.

Trivia: The song ("Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys) used by Kirk and his officers to disrupt an alien attack on a Federation starbase is the same song that Kirk played in Star Trek when he stole his uncle's Corvette as a child, hence him saying "Good choice."

Trivia: The black eye that Jim Kirk sports at the end of the film is real. During the fight scenes between Krall and Kirk, Idris Elba (Krall) accidentally hit Chris Pine, resulting in the bruised right eye. Pine insisted on using this in the final scene to add realism.

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Trivia: When Scotty sits down at the computer at the end he cracks his knuckles, just like in Star Trek 4 before he uses the keyboard.

Trivia: The film is dedicated to Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov. Yelchin unfortunately passed away prior to the release of the film. There are no plans to recast Chekov in any upcoming Star Trek sequels.


Trivia: The director of the movie is Justin Lin. To honor his father, Frank, the name of the NX-326 is the Franklin. But if you look at a screen shot of the nameplate, you'll notice the name of the ship is actually "Frank Lin", not "Franklin " There's a space between the "K" and the "L "


Trivia: When the Enterprise is boarded, during the following fight a Wilhelm scream can be heard as a crew member falls over the railing.

Trivia: The original test screening of Star Trek Beyond had more scenes between Spock and McCoy. The scenes with Commodore Paris were quick re shoots added in the final cut. A majority of scenes with Security Officer Hendoff were cut, especially after the crew was captured, it is he who protects Keenster after he is attacked by a drone, only for Hendroff to die by the hands of Krall. A portion of this scene was seen in the trailers, though only at the end of the scene. The scene was cut also because it would have revealed Krall's life drain early.

Trivia: When Scotty and Kirk are discussing the mysterious fate of Capt. Balthazar Edison, Scotty mentions a couple of theories, including the possibility that the USS Franklin was "captured by a giant green space hand." This is a direct allusion to the original Star Trek television episode "Who Mourns for Adonis?" in which the giant green hand of the Greek god Apollo actually grabs the USS Enterprise in space. Also, during the kaleidoscopic end credits of "Star Trek: Beyond" (specifically, at the moment the credits read "Paramount Pictures and Skydance Pictures present"), a giant green space hand reaches straight for the camera.

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Other mistake: When the saucer of the Enterprise finally crashes, all sorts of dust comes into the bridge through the big window at the front. Two mistakes here: 1. The very next shot shows that the dust cloud never actually reaches up to the bridge (which is in the middle of the saucer) and 2. Later in the movie, Kirk and Chekov escape the bridge, but to do so, they need to shoot the window out. So the dust couldn't have got in even if it had reached the bridge. Which it didn't. (00:32:25 - 00:51:30)


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Suggested correction: The dust and debris seen isn't from hitting the dirt or ground. It came before when the saucer was crashing through the mountains and you see the entire top of the saucer covered in dust. But the debris didn't have to come from a window that was later shot out. It could have come from other widows or hull breaches, not to mention the fact that what we see is probably the interior of the ship itself.


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Kirk: My dad joined Starfleet because he believed in it. I joined on a dare.
McCoy: You joined to see if you could live up to him.

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Question: McCoy joins Kirk for a drink, revealing a bottle he found in Chekov's locker. Firstly, what was he doing in Chekov's locker? Secondly, what's with the two of them clinking glasses with a third drink? The locker and the clinking might suggest Chekov was dead, as they might have to fill in if Anton Yelchin had died before filming was complete, but that's not what happened. Chekov is very much alive in the next scene.

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Chosen answer: Why Bones might have been going through Chekov's locker is addressed in another answer. The third glass is not for Chekov - who, as you point out, is alive - it's in memory of Jim's dad, George Kirk, who (as Bones mentions in this scene and as shown in Star Trek 2009) died on the same day Jim was born. Because of this fact, Jim's birthday always reminds him of his dad's death, so they pour a glass, and raise a toast, in his honour every year.


The director reportedly said the 3rd glass was a late addition. Perhaps it can serve both purposes, the scripted intention as well as a subtle tribute. See #7 in

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