The Secret Life of Pets
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Chloe: And, when that random cat tried to eat Sweet Pea, who saved him?
Buddy: It wasn't a random cat. It was you.
Chloe: The identity of the random cat is not the point. We're talking about who saved him.
Mel: Max did.

Snowball: I feel heroic! And handsome! I'm a little wet, but I still look good.

Snowball: Death is coming to Brooklyn. And it's got buck teeth and a cotton tail.

Mel: I will never eat a pill like that again. Unless it's covered in peanut butter. Because, I mean, come on! Right? It's peanut butter.

Chloe: Because she's a dog person, Max. And dog people do weird, inexplicable things. Like... they get dogs instead of cats.

Pops: Now, if we take the human route, getting there is gonna take days. You may have lots of time, but for me every breath is a cliffhanger.

Snowball: The revolution has begun! Liberated forever! Domesticated never.

Pops: That ball of fluff's got a screw loose.

Pops: This is uh, Puffball, Squash-Face, Weiner Dog, Yellow Bird, Eagle-Eye, Guinea Pig Joe. And, of course my, girlfriend Rhonda.

Max: Maybe the legend of dogs coming from wolves is jus... is just wrong. Maybe, like, maybe one puppy asked his mom, "Where did we come from?" And the mom said "Woof." And the kid was like, "Oh wolves?" And she was like, "Yeah, fine."

Snowball: Who are we? Who are we? We are the Flushed Pets. Thrown away by our owners and now we are out for revenge! It's like a club, but with biting and scratching.

Snowball: Welcome my dogs! Oh, you guys look weird. Hurry up, come on in.
Buddy: You said it was a costume party.
Mel: Why do you listen to me?

Snowball: I feel heroic! And handsome! I'm a little wet, but I still look good. I look good.

Chloe: Max, Come on, I'm your friend. Okay? And as your friend, I gotta be honest with you. I don't care about you or your problems.

Other mistake: Duke is running through the city while dragging Max by his leash. A close-up shows Max being pulled between the bars of a metal fence, but the gap is much too small for Duke to have passed through.

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Trivia: When the two Animal Control drivers jump out of their van during the climax, the "Wilhelm Scream" can be heard.

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