Two Mules for Sister Sara
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Hogan: Sister if you wanna bless em you bless em dry.

Hogan: I don't mind killing em for ya, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sweat over em.

Col. Beltran: This is better than killing each other, no?
Hogan: I only figured there was going to be one funeral... Catholic.
Col. Beltran: Oh? I didn't know you were Catholic.

Hogan: They split up, damn it, and they're catchin' up. I wouldn't just sit there, move.
Sara: We can't outrun 'em. You can get in here.
Hogan: I may not shoot all of them but I'll get their attention. Wait, then head on out the other way.
Sara: You've been a wonderful friend, Mr Hogan. Go with God.
Hogan: Leave Him out of this, huh? Get movin'.

Hogan: Did I or did I not hear you call me a bastard?
Sara: Well! I suppose whiskey can make a man hear anything. Oh, Dear Lord, forgive him for the impurity of his thoughts.

Hogan: I ride from sunup to sundown. You either keep up or you don't. You'll feel better after a few hours on your mule.

Hogan: Sister! This here is a cathouse.
Sara: Oh no, Hogan. This is no cathouse. This is the best whorehouse in town.

Hogan: You praying for me?
Sara: Yes.
Hogan: Well then I must be drunk enough 'cause, damn my eyes, I find that kinda touching.

Gen. LeClair: You didn't know we had posted a reward?
Hogan: A reward?
Gen. LeClair: 200 gold francs.
Hogan: How about that? Better than a stab in the eye with a sharp stick.

Hogan: Everybody's got a right to be a sucker once.

Sara: Hello, Mr Hogan.
Hogan: How do, Sister?
Sara: Glad to see you're back safe.
Hogan: Waiting for the dynamite?
Sara: And you.
Hogan: What, me personal?
Sara: Mm, I missed you. Yeah.
Hogan: It's felt kinda wrong the past few days not having you slowing me up.
Sara: Did it?
Hogan: Yeah, damn it.
Sara: What's the matter?
Hogan: Well, you see, there's a problem, Sister... I should have never met up with you in the first place.

Hogan: In any army I ever knew, a colonel commands a full regiment.
Col. Beltran: Yes, in a parade. But not with the fighting we've been through.

Sara: We have to get that trap door open, too, don't we?
Hogan: You know what you're talkin' about's crazy, Sara.
Sara: Listen, Hogan, everybody's got a right to be a sucker once.

Hogan: I told you I was stayin' in this deal, colonel. 'Cause you know that nobody over in Texas is gonna' sell a load of dynamite to a Mexican.

Hogan: What the hell is a nun doing out here?

Hogan: When I give the signal, you get ready to move.
Sara: This little cottontail wishes she had that cross back.

Hogan: You let me down, Sister. You let me down.
Sara: Then why don't you get on your horse?
Hogan: Because.
Sara: You're too drunk to ride alone. I'll have to get on with you. Hold on to the mane. Lean back against me. Lean back. Tell your horse to get moving.
Hogan: I like being in the arms of a good-looking nun. How do you like it, Sister?
Sara: The Church allows this for your safety but you may not take liberties.
Hogan: I apologise, ma'am. I most sincerely do.

Revealing mistake: After Clint has shot the 3 would-be rapists, he is rifling through the pockets of the dead men. As he checks the pockets of the first guy he shot the "dead" guy in the background is breathing.


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