Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
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Ringo Starr: He's writing a song for gay marriage, you know, like it's not allowed. It's allowed now.

Conner: There's no such thing as selling out anymore, man. This is how big business works. I mean, nowadays, if you don't sell out, people will wonder if nobody asked you to.

Khaled 'DJ Khaled' Khaled: All I wanna know is who was in that fish costume? That was amazing.
Tyrus Quash: The fish was me! Tyrus! Shh.

Conner: Harry, what the hell?
Harry: First of all, this is an 18,000-seat arena. Nobody sells this out. You sold 15,000 seats. That's still really good.
Conner: No, it's not good. Hammerleg sold this place out last week.
Harry: Well, Aquaspin agrees with you. They're concerned about ticket sales.
Conner: What? But it's an 18,000 seat place. Nobody sells that out.
Harry: Hammerleg did last week.

Harry: Conner, don't worry about it. You were up there for, like, ten seconds.
Conner: Ten seconds is an eternity, Harry. It's a third of the way to Mars.
Harry: Conner, we've talked about this. Thirty Seconds to Mars is the name of a band. It's not a fact.

Mariah Carey: "I'm So Humble", I instantly connected with that because I'm probably the most humble person that I know.

Paula: We'd like to get to the point where Connor is everywhere, like oxygen or gravity or clinical depression.

Paula: Conner's music may not be what I listen to in my free time, but it seems to make so many people money.

Factual error: In the early phases of the narration, Conner's boyband is on the cover of Rolling Stone. It is a double summer issue with the July 7-21 date, and at the same time its numeration begins with an eight. Rolling Stone could have a number 800-something in July from 1999 to 2002. In none of these years July 7 and 21 were on a Thursday. (00:02:30)

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