Blithe Spirit

Stupidity: After the first session with Madame Arcati, she says good bye, then heads off to the front door, which is all wrong: She left her bike around the back, near the living-room door, the door with which she entered.


Stupidity: When Ruth goes to see Madame Arcati, after Elvira has arrived, the kettle on a gas two-burner hotplate is whistling, so Madame Arcati takes the whistle off the kettle and then the kettle off the hotplate and pours most of the water into a teapot, but, what is stupid is, she puts the kettle back onto the same burner without turning the gas off and in less than a minute the water is boiling its head off but they don't notice because the whistle is on the table and not where it is supposed to be, on the kettle.


Character mistake: When Charles comes down to breakfast the evening after Elvira arrived, he comments to Ruth what a wonderful day it is, "not a cloud in the sky." But that's wrong; there's a low cloud bank and the rest is murky and gloomy.

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Ruth Condomine: There's no need to be aggressive, Charles. I'm doing my best to help you.

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Question: What was the point of showing us the living-room doors opening, then closing, after Ruth has gone to bed, leaving Charles and Elvira alone?

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