Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit (1945)


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Madame Arcati: Is there anyone there? Is there anyone there? One wrap for yes. Two wraps for no. Is there anyone there?

Charles Condomine: Try to see my point of view, dear. I've been married to Ruth for five years and you've been dead for seven.
Elvira Condomine: Not dead, Charles. Passed over. Its considered very vulgar to say dead where I come from.

Ruth Condomine: There's no need to be aggressive, Charles. I'm doing my best to help you.

Charles Condomine: A good morning. A tremendously good morning! There isn't a cloud in the sky and everything looks newly washed.

Violet Bradman: Its funny, isn't it, I mean to think of people doing it as a profession.
Dr. George Bradman: I believe its very lucrative.

Charles Condomine: But, listen, Ruth, please.
Ruth Condomine: I will not listen to any more of this nonsense. I'm going upstairs to bed now. I shall leave you to turn off the lights. I won't be asleep. I'm much too upset. So, you can come in and say good night to me. If you feel like it.

Ruth Condomine: Edith, you know the cocktail shaker?
Edith: Yes 'em.
Ruth Condomine: Well, I want you to fill two of those long stem glasses from it and bring them up here.
Edith: Yes 'em.
Ruth Condomine: And Edith, as you're not in the Navy, its unnecessary to do everything on the double.
Edith: Very good, ma'am.
Ruth Condomine: And Edith, when you're serving dinner, try to remember to do it calmly, methodically.
Edith: Yes 'em.
Ruth Condomine: Now, go and get the cocktails.

Charles Condomine: A woman in Cynthia Chavitz's position. Would hardly wear false pearls.
Elvira Condomine: Well, they were practically all she was wearing.
Charles Condomine: As I'm pained to observe that seven years in the echoing vaults of eternity have in no way pared your native vulgarity.
Elvira Condomine: That was the remark of a pompous ass.

Ruth Condomine: Alcohol will ruin your whole life if you allow it to get ahold on you, you know.
Charles Condomine: Once and for all, Ruth, I'd like you to understand that what happened last night was nothing whatever to do with alcohol! I grant you it may have been some form of psychic delusion, but I was stone cold sober from first to last.

Madame Arcati: Some mediums prefer Indians, of course. But, personally I've always found them unreliable.
Ruth Condomine: In what way, unreliable?
Madame Arcati: Well, to start with, they're frightfully lazy. Also, when faced with any sort of difficulty, they're apt to go off into their own tribal language - which is naturally unintelligible. That generally spoils everything and wastes a good deal of time.

Charles Condomine: It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.

Character mistake: When Charles comes down to breakfast the evening after Elvira arrived, he comments to Ruth what a wonderful day it is, "not a cloud in the sky." But that's wrong; there's a low cloud bank and the rest is murky and gloomy.


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