The Shining

Trivia: Kubrick tortured Shelly Duvall to get the performance he wanted out of her. He told the crew to have no sympathy for her, and pushed her to do many retakes until she would cry. The scene where she walked backwards on the stairs with the baseball bat was filmed up to 127 times by some counts. At the end of filming she presented Kubrick with clumps of her hair that had fallen out due to stress.


Trivia: Stephen King has admitted not liking this version of his book.

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Trivia: Stanley Kubrick was very protective of Danny Lloyd, because he was so young. Through some careful and clever directing, Lloyd was unaware he was making a horror film until after the film's release.

Trivia: Initially, the bathroom door Jack Nicholson was to axe in was an extremely thin one, made by the prop department to make it easier to destroy. However, Nicholson's technique with the axe was so good (he'd been a volunteer fire marshal) the door shattered into a million pieces, so they had to build a much stronger door to handle his swing.

Trivia: The line "Here's Johnny" originated on the The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where Ed McMahon always introduced him with that phrase. Nicholson improvised the line during the shooting; Kubrick liked it and left it in.


Trivia: The famous scene where Wendy reads through Jack's accumulated work naturally doesn't have the same impact if the viewer can't read English. Therefore, for every foreign language the film was released in, Kubrick remade this shot with an appropriate cliche in each language - French, German, etc. Also, every page of every manuscript was hand-typed to recreate the realism of typos and misalignments.


Trivia: Stanley Kubrick's daughter, Vivian Kubrick, makes a cameo in the party scene. She wears a black dress and sits on the right side of the sofa closest to the bar.

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Trivia: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, The Shining holds the record for the film with most retakes of a single scene (with spoken dialogue) at 127 takes. The participant in those retakes was Shelley Duvall.


Trivia: The real Overlook Hotel (The Timberline Lodge) is near Portland, Oregon. It has no room 237 because the owners specifically requested the room number in the book, 217, be changed. They believed that after people saw the movie no one would want to stay in that room.


Trivia: The "snowy" maze near the conclusion of the movie consisted of salt and crushed Styrofoam.

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Trivia: For the famous scene where Jack Nicholson breaks down the door with an axe, the crew made a fake door for him to break through, but had to replace it with a real door as the fake one broke too quickly due to Jack Nicholson's prior training as a fireman. This dates to his period of military service in the Air National Guard in 1957. After completing basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Nicholson performed weekend drills and two-week annual training as a fire fighter assigned to the unit based at Van Nuys Airport. Some sources state they went through 60 doors during filming to get the footage Kubrick wanted.


Trivia: In the scene where Jack is writing and gets mightily upset when Wendy interrupts him, watch the chair behind Jack. It vanishes and then reappears. This was, however, intentional from Kubrick. The audience was supposed to get a subconscious feeling that something was wrong. Nice touch.

Trivia: Jack's limp at the end of the movie was a real injury sustained when Jack Nicholson got drunk and fell out of a hotel window the night before shooting this scene.

Trivia: The injured guest who frightens Wendy Torrance by saying "Great party, isn't it?" was played by film editor Norman Gay.

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Trivia: In real life, Jack Nicholson detests cheese sandwiches. When director Stanley Kubrick knew of this, he had them on set every day and made Nicholson eat them, believing that this would make him more agitated in his scenes.

Trivia: The infamous "Here's Johnny!" scene took three days to film.

Trivia: In 2022 the Golden Raspberry awards ("the Razzies") officially rescinded Shelly Duvall's 1980 Worst Actress nomination for this film citing "mitigating circumstances," likely referring to director Stanley Kubrick's treatment of her on set and her long struggles with mental illness.


Continuity mistake: While breaking down the bathroom door with the axe, Jack repeatedly strikes and damages the right hand panel, but as he turns away from the door (when he hears the snow-cat) both left and right panels have been damaged.

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Question: Whenever Jack is talking to Delbert Grady, Grady mentions his wife and two daughters; one of whom tried to burn the overlook down. My question is, are they the same twin girls Danny has visions of? Whenever Danny sees them dead in the hallway, the vision matches the story Ullman told Jack about Charles Grady. Why does Delbert Grady deny killing his wife and daughters when he was the caretaker, but then contradicts himself and go on to say he "corrected" them? Was he only denying being the caretaker since Jack has always been the caretaker? What is the connection between Delbert's story and what happened with Charles Grady?

Answer: Delbert Grady has always been at the hotel, just as Jack Torrance has...however, "Charles Grady" was one incarnation of the hotel's "caretaker", which Jack Torrance currently is. Delbert, evidenced by his appearance, occupation, and archaic racial views, has been with the hotel since its turn-of-the-century inception, just as Jack, in the photo at the end, has been. We don't know what "spirit-Jack's" function in the Overlook is...we only know that the present Jack (whom Delbert is talking to) embodies the "caretaker" who has always been there, just as Charles Grady did in his time. Delbert refers to his wife and two daughters, whom he did not murder...his "caretaker" version, Charles Grady, did that.

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