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Continuity mistake: Bill Pope just went off the stolen bike and is descending the stairs to the tube; people around him change completely between shots (he moves past a short haired woman dressed in black that is a few steps ahead of him, too). (00:03:50)

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Factual error: The villain performs his hit at the beginning of the movie by remotely changing the GPS destination of a cab, so they head to the wrong place and into an ambush. Assuming that neither the cabbie or Pope notice the change on screen, and that his sophisticated software silenced the voice announcement of the course being recalculated, and makes the new place also marked as the old one (it is after all a god-like movie software), the trick is done on on a London black cab, whose drivers are notorious for "The Knowledge", aka being required to learn the entire topografy of the city in one of the most demanding training courses in the world, and not using GPS. It'd be definitely unlikely for the cab driver to be totally unaware, to the point of Pope himself noticing first that they are at the wrong place.

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Emma Pope: You don't remember me but I know you.

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