Murder She Said
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Ackenthorpe: There is one thing I cannot tolerate, and that is impertinence.
Miss Marple: Well, we should get on admirably. Neither can I.

Craddock: Have they got any other servants?
Miss Marple: Yes they have, Inspector.
Craddock: Good Lord! You.
Miss Marple: Yes. Dotty old me.

Mr. Stringer: Miss Marple, whatever it is: no, no, no.

Hillman: Don't think I won't tell him, neither.
Alexander: Despite the double negatives, I'm sure you will.

Alexander: I thought discretion the better part of valor, Jane.

Miss Marple: I'm afraid I never can resist my own pie, Inspector. Anybody else's, of course.

Dr. Quimper: You're going to live to be a hundred in spite of anything I can do.

Ackenthorpe: I live here because I want to, not because I can afford it.

Ackenthorpe: Cod's as good as lobster any day, and much cheaper.
Miss Marple: Well, that depends on whether or not one has a palate unsullied by cheap opiates.
Ackenthorpe: If you mean what I think you mean, I'll have you know this cheroot cost two shillings.
Miss Marple: Yes. Quite.

Alexander: Nostalgia, you know. A failing of the old, I suppose.

Ackenthorpe: Don't you think I've seen a corpse before? Be one myself soon.

Ackenthorpe: I hope it'll be a long time before I have to put up with the whole pack of them again.
Miss Marple: Not a very nice way to talk about one's family.
Ackenthorpe: Not a very nice family.

Other mistake: Just before Miss M sees the murder on the passing train, there is a shot of the express train overtaking hers. At the relative speeds, the express would have passed her window in 4 seconds, but she sees the murder for nearly 14 seconds.

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Trivia: Mrs Kidder, the afternoon help, is played by the actress Joan Hickson, who went on to play Miss Marple herself in many films.


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