Shenandoah (1965)

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Doug McClure asks Jimmy Stewart to marry Katherine Ross, Jimmy starts hand-rolling a cigar. The shot goes back to Doug "Sir, I love her". The shot goes back to Jimmy and he's lighting up a perfectly wrapped, long, cylindrical stogie that Castro would be proud of. In five seconds? I think not.

Correction: By the time the shot changes to Doug McClure's line, Jimmy Stewart is nearly done. Just before the cut, you can see Stewart wetting the edge of the leaf to seal it off. When the camera returns to him, the cigar is finished and he's working on cutting it in half. All we missed was that very last step, which could have been done in the time allotted.

Factual error: After the birth of the baby, James Stewart and "Doc" Witherspoon are discussing the course of the war. "Doc" relates that he has always lived in Virginia and that his son died at Gettysburg at Little Round Top. No Virginia regiments fought at Little Round Top - only Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas regiments.

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Pastor Bjoerling: Charlie Anderson, I wonder if you'd be good enough to tell me why you even bother coming to services. Meaning no disrespect, of course.
Charlie Anderson: It was my wife's last request, Pastor Bjoerling. Meaning no disrespect, of course.

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