Sausage Party

Trivia: When two food products run for cover during the end of Firewater's and the Non-Perishables "Great Beyond" belief story, you can hear the Wilhelm scream.

Jamaican Rum: Hey, bun! Welcome to the aisle! Want to dance?
Brenda: No thank you, man. I'm quite irie, just being left alone over here, don't you know?

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Question: When the guy on bath salts realises the food is alive, what are the two white lumps that are out of focus that were used by him?

Answer: The two unfocused white lumps in the foreground were part of the toilet paper's eyes (as seen from behind). When the camera angle changes, we see the roll of toilet paper, bent in half. But if you're talking about what the 2 white things hanging off the toilet paper holder (next to the 2 blackish things hanging off the holder) it looks like empty balloons (but that's a guess and they weren't alive).


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