Captain Hareblower

Captain Hareblower (1954)

8 mistakes

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Directed by: Friz Freleng

Starring: Mel Blanc

Genres: Animated, Family, Short

Continuity mistake: The handle on the door changes during the scene where Sam throws a lighted match into the Powder Room on Bugs' ship.

Continuity mistake: When Sam confronts Bugs by the Powder Room, Bugs takes out a match, lights it and throws it into the Powder Room. You can see that the packet of matches is now one short. When Sam tells Bugs that "If you does that once more, I ain't a-goin' after it!" we cut to Bugs and when he takes out the packet, it is now full with matches again.

Continuity mistake: When Sam is standing by the Powder Room, he is holding a sword in his right hand. When Sam sees Bugs throwing a match into the Powder Room, the sword has gone.

Continuity mistake: When Sam is squashed by the mast, his axe lands on the deck. When we see a squashed Sam in the next shot, the axe is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When we see Sam wandering on to Bugs' ship he has nothing in his hand, but when he comes to the mast he is now holding a sword.

Continuity mistake: When Sam swings into Bugs' cannon, he is holding a sword in his right hand. When he tries to retreat, the sword is missing, and after he is blasted by the cannon, the sword is back in his hand again.

Continuity mistake: When Bugs climbs out of the crate full of carrots, he has a carrot in his right hand. When he goes to ask Sam "What's up, Doc?" the carrot has gone.

Revealing mistake: When we first see Yosemite Sam at the tiller at the beginning of the cartoon, he moves the wheel back and forth but the capstan and rope do not move even though they are meant to be attached to the wheel.

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