Shanghai Noon

Trivia: As usual, Jackie Chan made his stunts all by himself, but with a new trick on the list: he had never ridden a horse before.

Trivia: At one point, Roy casually mentions his real name is "Wyatt Earp." Wyatt Earp was a famous frontiersman who among other things was a gambler, gunslinger and lawman. He was also involved in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.


Trivia: As of 2021, this is the only film featuring Brandon Merrill, who plays Chon Wang's Native American wife. She's actually more renowned for being a successful, award-winning rodeo champion.


Continuity mistake: Jackie Chan fights the Indians in the stream. His clothes are soaked. But as soon as he is on the land to fight the others, his clothes are dry.

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Marshal Nathan Van Cleef: Mighty impressive hardware you packin' there.
Roy O'Bannon: Why don't you get your eyes of my package, you twisted son of a bitch.

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Chosen answer: The song is "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" by Uncle Kracker featuring Kid Rock on additional vocals.


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