Trivia: The Zootopia taxicab service is called Thigmo Taxis, which is a pun adapted from the biological term "thigmotaxis," meaning "Movement of an organism toward or away from any object that provides a mechanical stimulus."

Trivia: 5 of the 6 parody movies Duke is selling are movies that 1 or more of the Zootopia writers worked on. Big Hero Six, Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph, Moana, and Frozen 2. Giraffic is a parody of the upcoming Disney movie Gigantic, a Jack and the bean stalk inspired film. Duke does mention he has movies that haven't even been released yet.


Trivia: Weaselton is voiced by Alan Tudyk, the same man who voiced the Duke of Weselton in Frozen.


Trivia: On Clawhauser's right cheek, there are three spots forming a Hidden Mickey.

Trivia: As Judy scrolls through her portable music player on the train, all of the band names are animal puns. It includes "Fleetwood Yak" (Fleetwood Mac) and "Hyena Gomez" (Selena Gomez). Also on the list are "Ewe 2" (U2), "Guns N' Rodents" (Guns 'N' Roses), "Kanine West" (Kanye West), and "Mick Jaguar" (Mick Jagger).

Trivia: In the scene on the train, just before Hops chooses the song, underneath the top song is 'Let It Goat', referencing Frozen.

Trivia: Nick's van has the license plate number HB051986. This is a tribute to actor Herschel Bernardi who died in May 1986.


Trivia: Chief Bogo's calendar in his office features San Fransoyko from the film "Big Hero 6" as the picture of the month.

Trivia: When Doug just finishes cooking his new dart, he gets interrupted by someone knocking on the door, and says "Woolter and Jesse are here." This is a reference to Breaking Bad, where the two lead characters run a meth lab, and are named Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. (01:25:10)


Trivia: It is revealed in the special features of the Blu Ray that there was a cut scene during the briefing at the police station, in this scene Chief Bogo tells the officers 'Real cops suck it up, they are tough and stay tough' Now this possibly makes a small error continuity make sense, during this scene in the final film we see the clock in the background go from 8:30 to 8:33 in less than three minutes. It is very likely that this scene would have taken place at this time, making the sudden time skip not seem so obvious.

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Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Otterton is in Chief Bogo's office holding her family photo with both paws, in the wideshots her purse is hanging in the crook of her left arm, but after a brief shot of Judy, when it cuts to Mrs. Otterton's closeup as she tells Bogo about her two beautiful children her purse is gone, then after another brief shot of Judy the purse is back in its place again in the wideshot.

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Nick Wilde: It's called a hustle, sweetheart.

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