Triple 9

Stupidity: The bodyguard takes Michael's pistol from him and later shoots the pistol near Michael's ear, deafening him, then beats him a bit and leaves him on the ground. As the bodyguard is walking away he gives Michael his sidearm back by ejecting the magazine and tossing the gun on Michael's body. He however didn't eject the bullet in the chamber. Michael's gun, a Sig Sauer, doesn't have a magazine disconnect which prevents a gun from firing with a magazine removed. This was a safety feature for police. (01:33:00 - 01:37:00)

Jeffrey Allen: Walter? Detective Allen. First time being robbed? No fun, right?
Walter Sims: They got pictures of my family, my daughters, where we live, my daughters' school.
Jeffrey Allen: Walter, you're a bank manager. You should be smart enough to know that the monster has gone digital. Be careful what you instagoogletweetface.

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